Pilot Episode: Failing While Trying

Overcoming the fear of failure when attempting to discover the will of God for your life.

Pilot Episode: Iron Sharpening Iron

The importance of having Christian fellowship when you are walking out your faith with Jesus Christ.

Pilot Episode: Pandemic 2020

Talking about how the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has impacted the world so rapidly. What should the Christian response be?

Pilot Episode: Racial Division and Reconciliation

Discussing race and the cancel culture in 2020 is difficult because the language continues to change.

Pilot Episode: Reading Andrew Murray

Reflecting on how reading Andrew Murray would cause many Christians to shrink back from the faith.

Pilot Episode: Reading Dr. King

Reflecting on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s philosophy of non-violence. Through reading some of his works the Christian call to love is on display.

Pilot Episode: Standing on Truth

The importantance of standing on the Word of God during these challenging times in our culture.

Pilot Episode: the American Gospel

Has the gospel message in the United States become so convoluted with consumerism and prosperity that we can no longer see Jesus?

Pilot Episode: White Jesus

Discussion surrounding the BLM advocate Shaun King calling for statues of “White Jesus” to be torn down because they support White Supremacy.