Our Hosts

Meet Our Hosts

Our team loves to discuss theology and how it relates to culture.

Shawn WeeklyHOST

Shawn became the Founding and Lead Pastor of Northeast Community Church. He is a gifted communicator and teacher, who is passionate about leading people to understand their true purpose in life. Shawn holds a degree in Theology and Cultural Engagement from Moody Bible Institute.


SJ graduated with a degree in Religious Education. He is a husband, father, teacher, and youth pastor who also leads worship in his church. As a deep thinker who is passionate about apologetics and helping young people dive deeper into their faith, he fills a special role on the What in the Word Podcast.

Jedadiah BakerHost

Jedadiah Baker is the founder and president of Conduits of Change.  Conduits of Change is a nonprofit organization devoted to assisting individuals and families to become self-sufficient through challenging times in their lives.  Jedadiah is a gifted preacher who holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Liberty University.